Review: Super Mario Bro. Wii

So we’re finally back with some awesome Super Mario Bros Wii action. Wow does this game bring us back to the 90′s, as it is very reminiscent of Super Mario Bros 3? For any Mario fans out there, you must check out this game. Especially for us Mario junkies who have been playing Super Mario for almost two decades now, this game brings us back into the action with an array of fresh and unique new features.

For starters, the intro of the game is both charming and appropriate. We start by some singing and dancing for Princess Peach’s birthday party, full of gifts and the entire Mario crew. New to this game are some new Toad characters, in a couple of different colors, another cute little addition.

Of course, to start the action of the story and plot, the antihero Bowser happens to be planted inside Princess Peach’s birthday cake, ready to strike and take her away. The candles of the cake quickly poof into his henchman, who all quickly grab Ms. Peach and run away with her. Mario, Luigi and of course Toad then desperately chase her in an attempt to save the day once again.

Gameplay wise, Super Mario Bros Wii is almost identical to Super Mario Bros 3. With many worlds to explore, each complete with lots of levels, any Mario player will know where to start. The Worlds are set up in the same way, 1-1 means World 1 Level 1 and so on. In each world, you will also have to battle one of Bowser’s henchman in each of the castles. There is also a castle midway in each of the world’s in which you start your battle with the appropriate henchman.

There has been some debate on the fact that this game is in 2D, even in the year 2009. However, we must say that we are overly happy with this game and the features. The difficulty is nothing but comfortable. You definitely will die plenty of times as you traverse the world of Super Mario Bros Wii. Besides falling in the occasional hole or pipe, you may also lose some lives and power-ups to the notorious henchman including the Hammerhead Men, Koopas, those damn spiky-fish and of course Bowser should you be lucky enough to reach him.
Some notable differences in this new and updated version of the Super Mario franchise add some fun and enjoyment and truly increase the replay value of the game. Unlike the older Marios, in Super Mario Bros Wii, you can travel back into past worlds to obtain any coins, secrets or other easter eggs you may have missed. Several power-ups in the game have also been added, like the penguin suit and ice-power. We don’t want to give too much away and spoil the fun little surprises at hand, so please be sure to pick up a copy as soon as you can.

Even more so, the multiplayer experience here is unrivaled when compared to Mario’s of the past. As most of you probably remember, Mario and Luigi were required to take turns to each level, going one at the time. Now you can play up to 4 players at once on a single screen. While it may get a little crowded to jump and move around, it surely makes the game that much more fun and competitive. The multiplayer levels outside the campaign are pretty fun in general, but they can often get annoying and nuisance-like. As long as you aren’t taking it too seriously (and hopefully you aren’t taking Mario too seriously in your life), then you should have plenty of enjoyment for this game and all the features that it offers.
Controls wise you should feel pretty at ease with the simplicity Super Mario offers. Essentially there are only two buttons to use besides the conventional directional pads. One new unique feature is the use of the Nintendo Wii’s motion control. By shaking your controller up and down (as often noted on the screen during the game) you can perform higher jumps and spins with certain power-ups, and as well bring yourself back to life when dying.

Long-time Mario fans will be satisfied and happy with this game. There are many of the same usual Mario elements involved – airships, Yoshi, Koopas, Bowser, the same cast and crew as always, and you even still get a 1UP when you reach 100 coins. Just make sure you try and collect the eight red coins and three big coins on every level which will prove to be tough to accomplish. While the music has also been improved with several more up beats tones, the original Mario theme remains a constant calling throughout the game. Another cute addition that you are sure to notice while playing is some of your enemies dancing to the music during certain beats. This made us chuckle and remember back to the good old days when the original Mario released almost 20 years ago now.

In conclusions, nearly every game on every level will be satisfied with this match. It is both fun and easy to play while offering a challenging environment and competition for even the most enthusiastic Mario fans. The replay value here is high, and you will be sure to smile with all the little easter eggs and unique Mario moments you will remember to love. Although in 2D, the graphics and music score will still provide a much-needed enjoyable experience for Nintendo and Mario fans. This game will undoubtedly remain on top of our lists for this holiday season as it has been well produced, well though out, and well worth its’ cost.

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