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No one gets happy to stay alone in the world. Everyone desires few friendships, relationships and info sharing to some extent. But definitely nobody likes information sharing to everyone either known ones or unknown ones. Similarly, while operating on the internet, if we desire to stay unknown and un-identified even to our friends and families, we need to take help from VPN.

VPN or ‘virtual private network is just like its name. It can be said as a personalize passage by which a user received or sends only encrypted data passed through barriers of VPN Check posts. It Is useful mostly for such remote marketing agents who need to have a link with their companies through a trustworthy WAN. VPN protects its user from bugs and provides right of entry to the sites that are blocked by their ISPs. Let us visit through NordVpn’s review, who claims that they are the best vpn for torrenting . 

Nord-VPN is under Tefincom co. They initiated VPN service in 2012. They are offering VPN services in 14 countries including mainly USA, UK, Germany, USSR, Austria, France and Italy etc. They provide services of PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and Proxy servers. No need to follow complex configuration steps. They offer 1 file download configuration. NordVPN is also best vpn for kodi

Even if you are not good in computers, they will provide guidance to you. No personal information they take from their customers so that their privacy is not affected. You can transfer and receive encrypted data with unlimited bandwidth. Nord-VPN is supportive on operating services like Androids, all gaming consoles, iPhones, iPads, and Windows OS. They are highly recognized by the reviewer’s sites.

The company offers different packages for its customers like 8$ monthly, 30$ per 6 months and the big offer of 48$ per year. They also offer a 3 day free trial and also a money back guarantee of same 3 days.

High level anonymity is their distinction that places them aside from other companies.

There are certain issues of limited servers, no dedicated software and mainly the lack of confidence provided by them to their clients. Being a new company, such issues do not count a lot. The website is able to be given a 3/5 rating.

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