Emerson Single Bottle Wine Chiller


The Emerson Single Bottle Wine Chiller is undoubtedly the best answer for those wine enthusiasts who simply love their wine but have limited space to accommodate a chiller to maintain the wine’s perfect taste.
Connoisseurs and novices alike would savor the unit’s ability to rapidly warm or chill the wine according to its correct serving temperature.
This single bottle best wine coolers comprises an advanced heat dispersing system and a thermoelectric warming and cooling system.
The temperature control facility of the unit ranges from 28 degrees to 139 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED display unit lets you monitor the cooling temperature.

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The chiller can be run in the general electric supply at your home. It also works with a car adapter, thereby enabling you to carry a chilled bottle of delicious wine to dinner parties as a present. The temperature of the chiller can be controlled digitally. You can set or program the chiller to the precise temperature that has been recommended by the wine manufacturer. The product doesn’t have any compressor. It thus has no vibration and emits limited noise. The chiller is capable of holding wine bottles up to a diameter of 3.4 inches. It measures 11.25 x 8.25 x 8.25 inches in dimensions.

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