Our California Almonds are seasoned using our own recipes that come from real foods that you'd find in your kitchen.  We never use artificial flavors or MSG and all our seasonings are gluten  free.

Whole Natural 

Our whole natural almonds have a delicate, nutty flavor and great crunch.

Roasted and Salted

Our traditional Roasted & Sea Salt Almonds have a hint of salt which gives them that classic taste and crunch to satisfy every pallet. They are perfect for any occasion! You can’t go wrong.

Sweet BBQ

We keep coming back for another handful of our Sweet BBQ Almonds. They have the right hints of sweet, salty, and BBQ all in one bite. We almost ate the whole bag at once!

Hickory Smoke

Our Hickory Smoked Flavored Almonds taste like they have been wood smoked to perfection! They are a Mariani favorite with their delicious bold flavor.

Wasabi and Soy

For all you Wasabi lovers, our Wasabi & Soy Flavored Almonds will be your next favorite snack. The wasabi flavor gives you that forward kick balanced with the delicious taste of a roasted almond.

Chipotle and Adobo

Looking for just the right combination of spicy and tangy? Our Chipotle with Adobo Almonds are for you. The robust flavor of spices with just a hint of garlic satisfies your spicy cravings.

Cinnamon Twist

Our Cinnamon Twist Almonds play a perfect dance in your mouth of cinnamon and sugar. They are not too sweet, but be warned they leave you wanting more. We can’t say no!

Honey Roasted

Our classic coated Honey Roasted almonds delight your taste buds, while still keeping that perfect crunch. Keep a bag nearby for your next sweet indulgence.